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Today was a huge day for me as I woke at 6am and was totally motivated to walk for 30 minutes, getting my blood pumping. I've been feeling on top of everything, I said to my mate, I think I got hit with a wand or struck by lightening during the night! A definate click in the right feeling department. 

Thank you for your help and guidance.  J

What can I say, Louise goes above & beyond to guide you not only where you want to go but where is needed & never thought of going. I would highly recommend Louise from anything great or small. ~Lee

Just thought I would share with you.

I've had a great day...probably the best in a long while.

Achieved a lot... but also starting to see a few rays of clarity after my session with you.

Thank you. ~GM

I highly recommend anyone who wants to do some healthy personal growth or work through any issues to have sessions with Louise. I have had some pretty traumatic things happen in my life. I also have been living with chronic illness for quite some time.

 I feel very fortunate to have found Louise she is a breath of fresh air. I had almost lost hope that I could find someone to help me or give me some tools to help me cope with everything. I found Louise to be very professional, compassionate and down to earth. After six or so months I am the happiest I have ever been. I am back in control of my life. I like the new me, a lot!! I am even learning to love myself!!

Forever grateful xx ~Sam.

Breaking through to new places is what I have done

in your presence Louise Bourne.


Xx Love your stuff. ~BE

"Every day I work quietly, on myself, & I can feel the wings sprouting more & more :))

I am amazed at what talking with a life coach such as you, can do!

Thank you.

~Wendy R

"My world has picked up speed in wonderful ways, I can not express how relieved, balanced & on purpose I feel after my first appointment with you. It has taken me a lifetime to get to this point & now I can breathe.

~Charmaine F

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or forward your testimonial via; @lifecoachlouisebourne

"For years I have wanted to feel better, yet, had no idea how possible that was.

Now, thanks to a few hours invested & some simple to apply techniques,

my whole attitude is changing & I am seeing through new eyes.

Life for me has never felt so free & so fun!

Thank you. This stuff really works."


Louise, I want you to know; I am doing better, feeling better & putting myself in better places than I ever have. Your coaching (& your care) continues to remind me who I really am & last, I am making decisions & choices that feel right for me. Thankfully, today I can more easily manage my (once turbulent) emotions

& my life is in a much healthier & happier place."


"Dear Louise.

Thank you. It took me a while to decide & I am Sooo' glad I did !

I have loved my life coaching sessions with you. What it has done to change me,

my life & my relationships ...from where I was, to where I am now, just sensational.

I highly recommend it to anyone who feels stuck & is looking for a natural avenue

to greater freedom & liberation."

~Kim P

"To be less concerned with what other people think of you.

I had no idea the massive relief there is in that. Thank you.

I am impressed!" ~DJ

Yes, this has so helped. it really works! My life has changed in days.

I'm changing my thought patterns & feel so much better!

When I start to get that old feeling,

I can now catch my thoughts within seconds & I smile.

Feels so good, ...what a great feeling."

~Julie L

Some more of what people are saying...

"Thank you so much Louise. Now I get it! (...& it makes me smile) Energy does follow attention & I am so relieved, not to be back to my old self, but to be becoming this new, more relaxed & much more aware, version of me."

Blessings, ~Mel

"Getting more confident by the day. Learning to 'engage my brain before I open my mouth', not only before I speak, but before I indulge in old habits again too!

Great stuff Louise, it's really helping me to change on a deeper level & as you say,

'there's no going back.'"

~Nick B

Your feedback & testimonials are so appreciated.

Please keep them coming so we can continue to share the good stuff and 

improve what works.           


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