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Based in Southwest Western Australia

and working with people from far and wide,

Louise works with individuals, couples

and groups, in the capacity of life coach

and confidential counsellor.


A full member of ACCA, with many years experience,

Louise is a professionally qualified counsellor and life coach, 

has diploma in the study of psychotropic plants, as well as diploma 

in the ancient Chinese art of the I Ching. 

Continuously adding to her knowledge base,  

with on going training, extensive research, further studies, 

and, the immense wealth and wisdom that comes from interacting 

with a diverse range of clients, both local and far and wide. 

Interactive Counselling 

can help you to take back your power  

and live more authentically, 

it can also help you clear your head 

and gain insight into what you really want

and how to go about creating/developing it.

Improve your relating and communication skills.

Break through blockages 

and learn to recognize unhelpful patterns. 

There are simple tools and steps that can transform, 

both your confidence and your relationships.

Why stay stuck when you can do it differently?

Gaining confidence and the discipline needed to move 

in the direction that you know is right for you, requires courage:

Benefit From The Guidance And Support

Of An Experienced Coach And Mentor...

The Talk Room provides a confidential,

comfortable space where you get to explore

what feels and looks right for you,

in the presence of a qualified professional,

who genuinely cares.

It takes strength to live an integral life.

We can, and do grow to feel safe or secure 

in situations that actually stifle or trap us,

yet we fear making change, or we simply don't know how.

Explore New Possibilities and Choices,

Interactive Counselling with Louise 

@ The Talk Room      

Contact; Mobile 0400 083 903


You Yourself, Or That Special Someone You Know?

Having worked and studied extensively over the past two decades

in areas including addiction and addictive behaviors,

including co addiction, as well as men's and women's issues

that arise when coping with the complexities and 'entrails' of addiction. 

Please get in touch for your obligation free, 

initial 15 minute phone consultation, no charge.

For A Deeper, Richer, More Fulfilled Life...

Enjoy the benefits of increased personal awareness

and the sense of freedom that grows, alongside integrity.

In recent times, Louise has undergone certification training with author

and relationship specialist, Terry Real.

She has also undergone some studies with addiction expert and advocate

of the sensible and supervised use of plant medicines, Dr Gabor Mate.

Regardless of your current situation, you can enhance the quality of your life.

Just a few sessions can make world's of difference, so why wait?

                                     Nothing Changes, Unless Something Changes...

                                                   ...Your Call:   Mobile 0400083903

Click here to connect via facebook; @lifecoachlouisebourne

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