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We All get thrown around by our emotions 

from time to time, right? 

...and when it comes to 

managing life's inevitable pains and difficulties, 

how do we know what to do, what the wisest choices are?

No Matter What The Situation, All Things Will Pass, 

(though it may not always seem that way...)

So, when you need to talk, to make important choices,

to get some relief from painful emotions, 

navigate difficult relationships, 

or if you just feel stuck and don't know what to do,

I invite you sit with me 

and explore some new options.

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     0400 083 903​



Qualified and Professional 

For Your Peace Of Mind

Dip' Counselling  

Dip' Life Coac​hing

Dip'Psychotropic Plants

Full Member ACCA 

Phone Louise 

on 0400 083 903

With years of training and experience 

in the helping professions, 

my job is to help you move with courage and fortitude 

through life's trickier, more challenging times, 

and get clearer in your thinking...

Maybe conventional therapy is not for you, 

or you just like what you see here

and feel ready for change... 

Sit with me In The Talk Room, 

or over The Phone 

Transform Relationship Issues, 

Ease Stress, Attend To Addictive Behaviors,

Unwrap & Shift Co-Dependency...

we can all learn to live stronger, 

become more confident and authentic 

and manage life more masterfully along the way. 

Click Here 

    To Call Now   

     0400 083 903​

    Our pain & suffering often put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen...

                                                                     Someone to talk to 

                                                                     who can help you find your own answers,                                                  

   Call Louise 0400083903


         Interactive Counselling For Every Situation

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